Large Canada Goose (call)

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Our Large Canada Goose (call) is a big fellow with a studiously carved body that provides a classic profile, reminiscent of those chiseled out by many of the old carvers. It is branded with the “WHITE” name and features include black glass eyes, lead weight, distressed finish, and is hollow carved. Our larger pieces are hollow carved to take the stress out of the wood, which is done to prevent cracking. We also put two pennies inside as our trademark: this let’s everyone know the decoy is hollow and makes a great conversation piece. The Large Canada Goose (call) measures apprx. 25” long x 8” wide x 13” high.

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  1. Laura

    This is gorgeous piece of folk art – it is even more beautiful in person. Exquisite carving and paint, lots of character, beautifully made. Love the sound of the pennies inside when I pick it up. This goose makes me happy every time I see him! Really fine work, well worth the price.

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