About Springerle Cookie Molds

Springerle (SPRING-uhr-lee) – These are traditional Christmas cookies that originated in Bavaria and Austria. Springerle cookie molds were carved with images of holiday events, Biblical stories, and scenes from everday life. The cookies were also used to celebrate births and weddings. Exchanging Springerles during the holidays was a common practice, very much like we exchange cards today. Food historians have suggested that the name “Springerle” may have come about because the cookies rise or “spring up” while cooking.


Each cookie mold is individually carved from kiln dried American Cherry in our Pennsylvania workshop. They are intricately carved in reverse to create a positive image when pressed in the dough. They will make beautiful decorative cookies that you can use to adorn your Holiday table or they can also be used by crafters to make festive decorations because of their artistic motif.


Each piece has a food safe finish that can be gently washed in soap and water. Use a toothbrush to clean crevices. DO NOT soak the wooden mold in water. When dry, simply apply a light coat of cooking oil, wiping off all the excess oil. Let dry completely before using again. A Springerle cookie recipe is included with each mold. Collect all our Springerle molds for baking or Holiday decorating.